A Basic Guide to Buying a Horse Ranch in Kelowna British Columbia

Have you ever wanted to own a horse farm? If you just said yes, you probably already know that you’ve got a lot of company, and you may think it’s a pipe dream.

But that’s simply not true. The truth is that you can own and run a horse farm, and British Columbia is one of the ideal places to find one. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the fundamental questions involved and supply some important answers.


How to Find a Kelowna Realtor Specializing in Equestrian Properties

At first, glance, finding a horse ranch with a Kelowna realtor¬† who handles these kinds of properties seems difficult. But there’s a set process involved, starting with looking for extra credentials.

o Accredited Buyer Representative

o Certified Residential Specialists


These credentials indicate that they have extra education in certain areas, and you can use a good horse properties website to cross-reference them.

Please make sure you get at least two or three names and use the same set of questions to check on their experience with horses and equestrian properties


Is Horse Ranching Profitable?

While some people buy equestrian properties simply because of their love of horses, others need to turn a profit.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to do this–by breeding horses or running riding stables. Some ranches do both, while others specialize.

Breeding is considered more lucrative, but to a large extent the profit margin depends on the types of horses being bred and the family bloodline.

Riding stables are more of a day-to-day commercial business, and ranches that do this often provide boarding for horses from other ranches.


The Best Place to Own a Horse Ranch in British Columbia

While the answer to this question is somewhat subjective, most would agree that the best spots are in Kelowna and surrounds areas..


Many are located in wilderness settings with spectacular views and landscapes, and those that are set up for commercial visitors and guests often offer a variety of other related activities.


Starting a Horse Ranch

The list of what you’ll need to start your own horse ranch is extensive. It includes a barn that has the number of stalls you need, storage areas for bedding and hay, an office, a tack room a feed room, water troughs, maintenance equipment and fenced paddocks and fields.

If you’re buying an existing property, these may be included, but they also may need some amount of work. The price will reflect their existing condition and the amount of work that needs to be done.


How Many Horses Can You Have Per Acre in BC?

This number is determined by the area of BC in which you’re buying, but as a rule the ratio is one horse per single acre.


Well Water

A typical horse needs 5-10 gallons of fresh water per day, so your well should be able to supply that amount. Having the well inspected when you make an offer is important as it can cost $5000 to $15,000 for a compete new system…

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