From the captivating stories of the gold rush to famous gunslingers and epic sagas of the great frontier, it is without a doubt that staying at a horse ranch resort offers the most unique experience for your vacation getaway. Unlike Don Quixote of La Mancha or the gallant knight from Edgar Allan Poe’s “Eldorado,” you can avoid misadventures and work toward an attainable goal by following these tips for choosing the most suitable ranch resort where you can embark on that ultimate adventure that you will remember.

Tips for choosing a Ranch Resort to visit and stay at:

Riding and Non-Riding Activities

Checking the riding and non-riding activities offered on the ranch is very important because it will allow you to know whether or not this particular horse ranch can provide you with the vacation experience that you envisioned. Aside from horseback riding, some horse ranches also offer a plethora of non-riding activities such as hiking, fishing, climbing, as well as kid programs and other activities. Whether you’re just interested in horseback riding or you want to try a whole bunch of activities, it pays to know all the activities offered on the ranches that you’re considering in order to choose the best horse ranch that suits you.

Terrain and Location

Not all horse ranches are created equal because some ranches offer horseback riding on mountain trails, while others on open meadows, or the southwestern desert. It is highly important to understand the riding environment of each ranch that you consider because it will determine if the horse ranch can provide you with the horseback riding experience that you’re aiming for.

Amenities and Accommodation

The ultimate reason why people want to visit and stay at a ranch resort is to experience the great outdoors. Rustic accommodations are most favored in this type of vacation but there are plenty of ranch resorts that offer luxurious accommodations as well. Whether you prefer a rustic vibe, luxurious accommodation, or something in between, make sure to check out the amenities and accommodations available in all your options.

Horse Safety and Management

As exciting as it is, horseback riding  also comes with inherent risks which is the reason why horse safety and management are vital in choosing a horse ranch where you can stay and visit. Ranches that own, raise, and train their own horses can reduce the risk of offering horses to visitors which can potentially create problems that can take away the thrill and excitement of your vacation.

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